April Sterling with friends at

FSU  – CRU Event.

April Sterling with friends at FSU CRU Event.
Dear Family and Friends at W3,
I hope you are being filled with joy as the Christmas season approaches!  The fall has brought a busy schedule for me but many sightings of the Lord at work here at Florida State University and beyond.
I want to share with you a story of Emma, a junior at FSU.  Emma came to CRU in the Spring of her freshman year, craving friendships and direction in her relationship with God.  She soon found what she had been seeking by getting involved with one of our women’s community groups.
At the beginning of her sophomore year I saw her desire to grow an her potential to lead, so I sought her out and began to mentor her.  She then steppe up to help lead  our community group and began mentoring another  student.  Emma continued to seek out growth in her relationship with God an had a passion to serve Him, so she decided to go on a summer mission trip following her sophomore year to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
There she met a culture of people who knew Jesus’ name but were disconnected from a relationship with Him and associated Him with war and brokenness based on their country’s history.  She was able to step out and share the true hope and restoration that Jesus brings to many students at Queens University!
Your partnership allows me to connect with students like Emma to Gospel-centered community, build her up in faith as she seeks to serve and lead and see students like her sent to the nations to sharer the good news of Jesus!
This December I have the privilege of visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland, just like Emma.  I will spend a few days with our current missionary team stationed there, learning the culture, and seeing if Belfast may be somewhere the Lord wants me to be long-term.
Due to this trip and some other financial needs that have come up, I am hoping to raise $3000 of support.  As 2016 comes to a close would you consider giving a special gift for my continued ministry at Florida State and a short trip to Belfast?  Your financial gifts and prayer have been such a gifts of grace to me, and thank the Lord for you.  If you are able, please make your gift online, you can do so at www.give.cru.org/0866298.  (copy and paste in to internet)
I am grateful beyond words for your continued partnership to help bring the joy and hope of Jesus to FSU!!
For His Glory,